Selectric GRID360 Modular Plates & Modules

The GRID360 range has over 300 items and thousands of possible combinations to suit every need. Easy to install with no need for yokes as modules screw directly into the plate. The GRID360 range has 16 plate finishes with apertures from 1 to 12 and compliments all current Selectric ranges.

Selectric Modular Plates & Modules

Our Modular Plates & Modules range of accessories is designed to match our Smooth, Square, Metal Clad and Decorative series to offer an endless range of solutions for all applications. The switches are fully interchangeable with most plates in the range, offering the ultimate in flexible solutions to suit any wiring needs

Selectric Euro Media / Data Plates & Modules

Selectric Euro Media / Data Plates & Modules are available in Smooth, Square, 1M, 5M, 5M-PLUS, 7M & 7M-PRO finishes. All modular finishes are interchangeable with any plate in the range to suit virtually any application and are ideal for quick and efficient installation

Selectric Square Edged White Moulded Wiring Accessories

Selectric Square white moulded wall and ceiling accessories are backed with a manufacturers guarantee up to 25 years. 10A switch modules are interchangeable with any plate product within the Square range

Selectric 1M - 13 Amp Floor Socket Outlets

Manufactured to the latest British & European Standards, backed with a 15 Year Guarantee. The Selectric 1M floor sockets have a hinged safety cover making them ideal for public spaces / industrial complexes. Our floor sockets come in sustainable cardboard boxes. • Flat 1mm depth plate. • Black or white inserts available.

Selectric Seal - IP65 - IP68 Rated Accessories

Our range of Selectric Seal IP65 - IP68 Rated Accessories allows you to take power outdoors. The range is easy to install with simple open and close lid action on all of our IP Rated boxes. Our weather protected, Isolating & rotary switches are suitable for virtually any external application

Selectric Energy Saving Products

The Selectric range of Energy Saving Products are ideal for managing the power in your home or place of work, helping to save on electricity bills and conserving energy in the process. All our products are manufactured to the latest British & European standards

Selectric Power & Cable Management

Selectric range of Power & Cable Management offers many variations of extension leads and anti-surge products along with the facility to manufacture bespoke leads to your specification here in the UK

Selectric OXI-GOLD Audio Visual & Digital Accessories

The range of OXi-GOLD Audio, Visual & Digital Accessories are designed to ensure the transfer of superior digital quality signals between your home entertainment systems, such as HD Ready, HD & Ultra HD TVs, Satellite Devices, DVD/BluRay Players & Gaming Consoles